A process that highlights the desired areas and hides the unwanted image elements with a hard-edged vector masking technique is known as clipping path. Our clipping path services transform an image into desirable shapes, which makes the masked portions transparent or converts it to a colored background.

It can be exported along with an image in the form of an embedded path or an alpha channel once you create it. Clipping paths can also be drawn in a page layout application.

Clipping images find usage in catalogs, brochures, magazines, artworks, flyers, posters, e-Commerce websites, and other similar fields where the images are frequently used. The clipping path services have become prevalent with the publishing houses, generally used for concealing the background of an image, photographers, web developers, graphic design service providers, ad agencies, etc.

Property Photo Editing’s Clipping Path Services:

The Photoshop pen tool is used by our professional Clipping Path experts used for drawing vector paths around your images. Wanted objects or subjects from the unwanted background are segregated. Further, we use the paths to make selections.

Our Clipping Path Services Can Be Widely Characterized Into Five Levels:

Simple Clipping Path:

This is implied on smooth and straight edges objects images such as the frame, box, almirah, square mirror, etc.

Complex Clipping Path:

Images that have usually having rough surfaces and numerous curves, edges come under complex clipping path section.

Compound Clipping Path:

This technique is applied if you want to correct colors of some specific areas of your real estate image or desire to eliminate the background of your picture. The method is useful to create multiple paths when you have numerous real estate images or colors within a single image.

Clipping Path with Shadow:

Add a natural drop shadow to give a realistic look to your real estate images. In addition, if you want our clipping path experts can trace and keep the original shadow available in photographs.

Clipping Path with Reflection:

This clipping path technique is also known as ‘mirror effect’. Using this gives your images a nice three-dimensional look. The clipping path reflection created with the same object furnishes quality results and helps you to attract potential customers.

With our clipping paths, we provide you images that look so professional and beautiful.

Property photo editing is the market leader when it comes to post-processing of images, Image Manipulation, Image clipping, Panorama map, and Photo restoration services.

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