When talking about photography, specifically post-processing and image editing, the term ‘retouching’ refers to improve the physical appearance of the images. Photo retouching is the process to remove a variety of image defects, for example, dust or dirt on a lens or image sensor. Modern digital retouching is carried out to remove the physical defects of an image using numerous tools such as blurring brushes, color replacement tools, and clone stamps.

Retouchers typically perform actions to alter an image to prepare it for final presentation. In photo retouching process small localized adjustments to an image such as color correction, white balance, cropping and will focus on adjusting other elements of an image. The photo retouching services help you save your time, so you can focus on your business.

Our retouching service has been designed to help them create pictures that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Our digital artists have many years of experience working in the photography industry and will work closely with you providing what we hope will be perfect for your photographic business.

Photo retouching techniques cannot beat the real thing, but this can give a great result.

Color and Exposure Correction:

A photographer wants his pictures as close to the original scene as possible. But at times this is not under his control due to reasons like inadequate lighting, camera settings, and various other factors. The Photo retouching services use advanced editing techniques and software’s to enhance the color, remove tints and fix the exposure of an image nondestructively.

Removal Of Unwanted Elements Like Odd Reflections, Fingerprints, Dust, Wires, Etc.

To remove the various unwanted elements present around the indoor studios and outdoor scenes the photo retouching services are implied to fix the color and exposure of an image. Using retouching you can remove wires, dust, fingerprints on the photo, harsh reflections etc to give your photo a premium feel.

Once the color and exposure of an image are fixed then we will check if there are any unwanted elements present around the indoor studios and outdoor scenes. The unwanted elements present in a photo may be wires, dust, fingerprints on the product; harsh reflections etc to give your product a premium feel.

Shadow or Reflection Creation:

Sometimes the photos don’t have/get a good enough shadow or reflection which is critical when it comes to the appearance of a product. Our Product retouching team understands this and the concept of lighting to recreate an accurate and good looking reflection and shadow of your product.

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